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Ceramics: Walk on the Wild Side
Apr. 12 - May 31, 2019
Receptions: Friday, Apr. 12 & May 3, 6-9 PM
Artist Talk: Sat. May 4, 5 PM

This exhibit is sponsored by Bill & Nancy Roe, Far Western Anthropological Research Group


Da Vinci High School Art Exhibit
May 21-26, 2019
Reception: Tuesday, May 21, 4-6 PM

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Seeing Sound 2

Jun. 8 - Jul. 2, 2019
Reception: Friday, Jun. 14, 6-9 PM (Free performance by Boris Allenou, 7 PM)

Seeing Sound 2 is a group exhibit of work by artists and composers that uses the material of sound or hearing as an art medium. Sound can evoke memories or strong emotional responses; it can also be used to introduce an aural presence, subtly defining reality and our shared human experience. The exhibit encompasses sound-based installations, video, and sculpture by artists Boris Allenou, Terry Berlier, Stephen Blumberg & Rachel Clarke, Belinda Hanson, Robin Hill & Sam Nichols, Kadet Kuhne, Terry Peterson, and Shih-Wen Young.

This exhibit is sponsored by Diane Makley, Dick & Joy Dorf and Manuel & Peggy Epstein


Deziree Dizon &
Natalye Valentina:
Higher Dimensional

(Learning Center)

Jun. 7 - 30, 2019
Reception: Friday, Jun. 14, 6-9 PM


Garden Tour
Landscape Exhibit

Jun. 4-30, 2019
Reception: Friday, Jun. 14, 6-7 PM

A Community Art Exhibit
(Learning Center)

Jul. 5 - Aug. 18, 2019
Reception: Jul. 12, 6-9 PM

Our non-juried art exhibit by community members is coming up!
Drop off dates for one piece (only 50 pieces are accepted):
July 1-2, from 11:30-4:30 PM
Cost: $20 members | $25 nonmembers.
Size restriction is 36” wide maximum.

A Juried Cross-section
of Regional Art
(Main Gallery)

Jul. 12 - Aug 18, 2019
Reception: Jul. 12, 6-9 PM
Juried by Julia Couzens, artist.

The application deadline for Slice, our annual juried exhibit:
June 13th at 9 PM online at www.callforentry.org.
Cost: Members $30 | $35 nonmembers.
Look for more information in your mailbox or email soon!
This year’s juror is Julia Couzens.

(Comm. Gallery)

Jul. 12 - Aug 3, 2019
Reception: Jul. 12, 6-9 PM

Yolo Visions centers on artistic interpretations of the people, places, and unique landscapes of Yolo County. From views of farming fields to the quirky buildings of our more urban spaces, Yolo County inspires both a diversity of subject matter and expression by our local artists. Artists include Hannah Hunter, Marlene Lee, Pete Scully, Jospeh Bellacera, Philippe Gandiol, David Nasater, Michael Radin, Phil Gross, among others.

(Main, Comm. & Learning Center)

Sept. 1-21, 2019
Gala: Sept. 21, 6:30-9:30 PM
(Main Gallery)

Oct. 1 - Dec. 6, 2019
Reception: Oct. 11, 6-9 PM

California based artist Jose Arenas creates works that explore dual identities, personal ritual, migration, and the displaced feeling that occurs from growing up in two countries. Born in San Jose, California, Arenas spent much of his childhood traveling between Northern California and Guadalajara, Mexico. His experiences navigating two worlds along with its complex process of integration and assimilation has informed his work in a variety of ways. By combining decorative patterns, culturally assigned symbols, and familiar abstract forms, he creates an emotionally resonant narrative that remains open to interpretation. His dense collage approach reflects among other things the handmade Mexican street signage found both in Mexico and in many Mexican neighborhoods in the United States.


Collages & Paintings
(Comm. Gallery)

Oct. 1 - Nov. 1, 2019
Reception: Oct. 11, 6-9 PM

Madison’s abstracted mixed media work is largely concerned with the shifting play between light, color, shape, and overall design. From her oils on paper to her collage work using acrylics and found images, she is always pushing the line forward in her work.  Her palette of neutrals and more geometric shapes is sparked always by graphite scribbling and areas of saturated color. 


Two Faced
(Learning Center)

Oct. 4 - 28, 2019
Reception: Oct. 11, 6-9 PM
(Community Gallery)

Nov. 8 - Dec. 24, 2019
Reception: Nov. 8, 6-9 PM

Flora Obscura
(Learning Center)

Nov. 1 - 24, 2019
Reception: Nov. 8, 6-9 PM
Abstract Landscapes
(Main Gallery)

Dec. 13 - Feb. 2, 2020
Reception: Dec. 13, 6-9 PM

Bowles is a Sacramento painter, whose recent paintings suggest vaguely familiar land masses and agrarian fields of central California. Rather than seeing Bowles’ work as been a literal representation of a particular location, it is a hybrid of the observed and the interior landscape of the mind. The exhibit will introduce the artist’s newer work that includes shifting perspectives and color schemas to reflect nuances in the passage of time.


(Learning Center)

Dec. 6 - 29, 2019
Reception: Dec. 13, 6-9 PM

Past Exhibitions | Current Exhibitions | Upcoming Exhibitions

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Layaway Plan for Artwork Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing one of our available artworks, but are not in a hurry and would like to make payments overtime, we offer a wonderful layaway program.

First, staff will clear the layaway sale with the artist. A down payment of 30% of the total purchase price will enable clients to secure an item. Patrons can make payments with cash, check, or credit card for up to 90 days. After the deposit is paid, patrons can make equal payments, or pay off in full, during this 90 day time period. A layaway contract will help you outline a payment schedule that works for you and the Gallery. There is no charge for the Layaway Plan. The down payment is not returnable once it is paid. Any other payments that are made on the artwork cannot be returned if the buyer decides not to purchase the artwork.

This Layaway Plan is available, subject to approval by staff and Artist, for any piece that is $250 retail and over and can be safely stored.  All purchases must include sales tax (8.25%).

Once the balance is paid in full, you will be notified to pick up the artwork.

The Pence Gallery accepts the following methods of payment:

– All major credit and debit cards, including

– Cash, and personal checks with identification

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