The Pence Gallery organizes several key events and festivities for the community throughout the year.
The revenue from these special events provides an essential part of our operating budget and helps us bring amazing displays of art year-round to the public.

With the conclusion of our annual Art Auction, we would like to thank all of our artists, sponsors, and patrons for their generosity and participation this year. Despite our worries of
converting to online bidding for the first time, we were able to surpass our fundraiser goal! We are overjoyed at the support from our community, and we can’t wait to bring you more wonderful exhibits and programs in the near future.

A special thank you goes out to the more than 120 artists who donated their work to our Auction. We are so lucky to have your dedication, year after year. The following artists participated this year:

Jose Arena
Trudy Baltz
Ian Bassett
Naomi Bautista
Numan Begovic
Heidi Bekebrede
Joe Bellacera
Paula Bellacera
John Stuart Berger
Gayle BonDurant
Jackie Boutin
Mark Bowles
Randy Brennan
Marie-Therese Brown
Kristine Bybee
Sandy Calhoun
Ann Marie Campbell
Jeffrey Carter
Judy Catambay
Julie Clements
Deatra Cohen
Janet Crittenden
Richard Crozier
Chris Daubert
Roma Devanbu
Sandy Delehanty
Christopher Dewees
Shenny Cruces
Charles Cunningham
Sayako Dairiki
Natasha Dikareva
Deziree Dizon
Jeff Downing
Marsha Elam
Mark Emerson
Linda Erfle
Julia Feld
Karen Fess Uecker
Kurt Fishback
Ted Fontaine
Judith Foosaner
Ianna Frisby
Karen Fulk
  Philippe Gandiol
Daphne Gillen
Laurelin Gilmore
Carol Gravem
Cliff Gravem
Michelle Gregor
Fay Grundvig
Cherie Hacker
Frankie Hansbearry
Shirley Hazlett
Dwight Head
Eileen Hendren
Deborah Hill
Caroline Holder
Hannah Hunter
William Ishmael
Andre Janitzky
Kathy Kearns
Chris Kidd
Joanna Kidd
Mary Neri King
Rachel Kline
Marjan Kluepfel
Stephanie Kocsik
Lorenzo Kristov
Marc Lancet
Malia Landis & Wesley Wright
Doug Lawler
Francoise LeClerc
David Lobenberg
Laville Logan
Emma Luna
Natalie MacKenzie
Jamie Madison
John Marchello
Rene Martucci
Jenna Matsubara
Linda Miller
Malaquias Montoya
Alison Morse
David Nasaster
Tony Natsoulas
Jeff Nebeker
  Cindy Nelson
Terry Ostovar
Hearne Pardee
Susan Phelan
Sara Post
Patricia Prendergast
Michael Radin
Cassandra Reeves
Lisa Reinertson
Rebecca Rippon
Mark Roberts
Alejandro Rubio
Gail Rushmore
Rebecca Ryland
Cindy Searles
Jan Schachter
Sylvia Schaefer
Marsha Schindler
Sonya Schumacher-Peterson
Jan Schnurr
Marti Schoen
Pete Scully
Nancy Selvin
Adele Shaw
Susan Shelton
Barbara Smithson
Marcia Smith
Mel Smothers
Alison Spreadborough
Dawn Wood
Maryann Steinert-Foley
Binuta Sudhakaran
Susan Tonkin Riegel
Jill VanZanten
Bryce Vinokurov
Marti Walker
Gina Werfel
Sandy Whetstone
Beth Winfield
Sara Helen Yost

Sponsored by Jamie Madison/Goodhome Group, Tandem Properties, Mark M. Glickman, Bill & Nancy Roe, Bonnie & Kit Lam, Kim Eichorn/Lyon Real Estate, MAK Design + Build, Dick McCapes, Blake’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Barnes Family Dentistry, Carbahal & Company, Scott Motley/Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Insurance, Cynthia Gerber & Diane Lardelli, Jim Gray/Kidder Matthews, Roger & Claudia Salquist, Marrone Bio Innovations, Kathy & Henry Thornhill, John & Christine Bruhn, Chris Corbett Design, Kristin Kelleher-Wong, Mary Brooks, Anne & David Hawke, Brooks Painting, Lyon Real Estate: Anne Lincoln & Maren Heise, F Street Dispensary, Mike & Judy Davis, The Artery, and
John Lescoart.

Thank you!

  29th Annual Pence Gallery Garden Tour (CANCELLED)

Due to the uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, the Pence has decided to cancel the Garden Tour for 2020. It will return in May 2021!

Image: Linda Erfle, Roses, watercolor, 2003


This is a great event for those who need to get rid of unwanted china, jewelry, art, collectibles, posters, rugs, books, frames and more.  If you who are looking for ‘treasure,’ we’ve been collecting all year!  All proceeds from this sale, which takes place at the Gallery, support the Pence’s exhibit and education programs. To donate, call the Pence at 530-758-3370 for a good time to drop off.  All donations will receive a tax donation form.

Questions? email [email protected] or call us at 530-758-3370.

212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616 | phone 530.758.3370 | fax 530.758.4670 | Open Hours Tue-Sun 11:30 AM - 5 PM | 2nd Friday ArtAbout Reception 6-9 PM (free admission)

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