Jul. 10-Aug. 16, 2020

The annual Slice juried exhibit of artwork is a display of contemporary art in all media that celebrates the work of 30 artists from all over California. This year’s juror was Hearne Pardee, Professor of Art at UC Davis, who chose pieces that were conceptually thoughtful, technically skilled, and representative of contemporary trends in art. From plein air landscapes and photography to fiber art, Slice always includes works of art that encourage conversation and thought.

Participating artists include Patricia Abraham, Karen Anable-Nichols, Linda Belden, Raymond Bonavida, Susan Brady, Bredt Bredthauer, Linda Bresnick, Steve Briscoe, Tracy Child, Linda Fitz Gibbon, Ianna Frisby, Tricia Goldberg, Mercy Hawkins, William Ishmael, Pancho Jimenez, Deborah Kirklin, Peter London, Anthony Maki Gill, Robert Poplack, Sara Post, Elizabeth Reagh, Patricia Sonnino, David Spagnolo, Maryann Steinert-Foley, Charles Stewart, Andrea Stone, Linqi Sun, Tianyi Sun, and Mira White.


Juror’s Statement: Hearne Pardee

One could look in this year’s Slice submissions for evidence of uncertainty and stress, given the current confluence of economic, health, and political crises, but it would be difficult to trace a central theme. Most striking to me as juror was the sheer quantity of submissions, so many of high quality, which made the task of selection daunting. On the other hand, the very abundance of inventive and accomplished works offered the welcome challenge of assembling an exceptionally interesting exhibition.

My selection tries to respect the range of approaches evident in these works, to entertain their conflicting viewpoints and extend their internal conversations. I was especially impressed by new applications of traditional processes. Ceramics and fabric arts show particular strength, with their transformations of conventional materials and suggestions of strange biology at work, while sculpture opens up fresh perspectives on everyday objects. Photographers increasingly explore the potential of new digital technology, but the power of the medium still rests in the ability of the lens to reveal new aspects of the visual world. Painting, meanwhile has become a field for cross-fertilization of media. Yet after extending Cubism’s embrace of constructed forms, and Abstract Expressionism’s improvisatory explorations of process, painting’s conventions of landscape and still life still offer reassurance in unsettled times, and figure compositions lend visual form to ongoing narratives in our lives.

What emerges for me overall is how personally art engages its practitioners, how integrated is it into our lives and psyches. It embodies broad spiritual aspirations along with responses to current events and to the joys and absurdities of everyday life. I hope my selection reflects this richness and highlights the high level of formal and technical sophistication with which it’s articulated.

-1st Place-
Tianyi Sun, I Saw Your Petticoat

-2nd Place-
Linda Belden, Corona Outbreak in the Year of Obsessional Stitching

-3rd Place-
Charles Stewart, This Into That

- Honorable Mentions-
Bredt Bredthauer, The head went on singing and forgetting 1
Karen Anable-Nichols, Delta by Five
Deborah Kirklin, Still Life #1

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