Procedure for Requesting an Exhibit



The Pence Galley’s mission is to serve its community through displaying high caliber art exhibits and offering educational programs for visitors of all ages.  By exhibiting art of local, national, and international renown, the Pence strives to educate and inspire our community about the artistic and cultural heritage of California.


Requesting a Show


We welcome suggestions from artists and community members in regards to exhibit development.  If you are interested in having an exhibition of your artwork, or know of a great artist, please follow the steps below!


  1. Assemble a letter of interest and a résumé with gallery experience, making sure to include the name, address, etc. of the artist.  Labeled slides of the artwork are necessary, though digital images can be used, and are preferred!  Drop these off at the Pence during business hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11:30 to 5.


  1. The curator will look over the proposed exhibit and contact you to discuss the potentials.  If an exhibit is not scheduled, the slides will be returned.


  1. In the event of an exhibit, all work must be ready to hang.



We thank you for your interest in the Pence!