MARILYN ROSE: Milestones
Oct. 6 - 29, 2017
Reception: Friday, Oct. 13, 6-9 PM

Marilyn Rose is an artist on a path that has taken many turns over the past twenty-five years. It's a journey that has recently led her to the discovery that she has had a purpose and mission all along. "Lovingly give yourself the gift of time to do those things that bring you joy" is a message that life taught her and she wants to convey it with her art that may inspire others to do the same.

As a plein air painter since the mid-1990's, Marilyn has always been drawn to the peaceful beauty of the rural northern California landscape. She loves the paintings of the early 20th century California impressionists and tonalists, especially Arthur Matthews. In 2015 she began redesinging several of her plein air studies into a series of 22 paintings that she calls her "Arts and Crafts" collection, where the design of shapes and color harmony override the realistic facts of a scene.

In 2012 Marilyn was feeling restricted by the typical popular landscape style, so she decided to go back to her early training and study still life painting again, supposedly for one month only. By 2016 she had completed a collection of nearly 50 classical still lifes, centered on many of her treasured family antiques and her grandmother's handmade lace. Books, wine, fruit and flowers teamed with ceramic, glass and metal never cease to delight her. This work reopened the door to portraiture.

From her earlist memories, Marily grew up drawing people. Her mother taught her the standard proportions of the face at a very early age, and she never grew tired of doodling faces and figures. She planned to study portraiture, but life put that dream on hold. When she decided in 2016 that it was time for her to get serious about painting portraits, it was a natural progression as she had kept up her study in portrait classes and studio figure sessions. Not satisfied with the traditional poses, she much prefers to capture the movement and emotion of people engaged in activity. Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn are among the artists whose work has inspired her figurative pieces.

Marilyn is now accepting commissions for portraits of musicians as the focus of her artistic enterprise. She feels that a visual image expressing their joy in making music will help them stay inspired to make time for it and will announce to the world that this is their chosen passion.

These three recent milestones each express something meaningful both for Marilyn and for her many collectors across the United States and beyond. It may be memory of their mother's favorite teacup, summers on their uncle's farm or the meeting of the hands, eyes, mind and heart of the music maker. This is her way of calling everyone to be in touch with their deepest joy and to make the time for what they love.

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